The Price of Beauty

Thailand is well-known for the beauty of its ka-toeys or ladyboys. Every year the country hosts the Miss Tiffany International Beauty Contest awarding a million baht to the most beautiful TV in the world. The show is televised throughout the nation and everyone cheers on their favorites.

Usually a Thai ka-toey wins, since Thai women of both kinds crave the caress of the mirror.

“Mirror mirror on the wall. who’s the fairest of them all.”

Thailand also boasts the best sex-change clinics in the world, however not all of them are licensed with the same stringency of the West.

The Bangkok Post regularly featured an ad for Pratunam Polyclinic headed by ‘famous’ Thai cosmetic surgeon.

In fact the doctor has only attended a two-month beauty seminar and his Chinatown clinic is quite substandard in sterility in accordance with its low low price for all medical procedures. A vaginoplasty cost about US$1600, about one-tenth of the US price.

The doctor undaunted by criticism explained to a Bangkok POst reporter, “The most common complaint is that the cavity is not big enough. In this case we can perform a colon vaginoplasty six months later using skin from the colon to extend the vagina.”

Nip and tuck for a penis.

I think I’ll keep mine where it is.

Even if the Miss Tiffany offers 2 million baht.

But for 10 million who knows?

Schnitt schlong.

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