Game 7 Celtics versus Lakers 2010

Tomorrow night the Lakers and Celtics meet at the Forum for the final game of the 2009-2010 season. This rivalry dates back to the 1959 sweep of the Boston Celtics over the then Minneapolis Lakers. While the championships for the Celtics and Lakers respectively number 17 and 15, the actual head-to-head has been dominated by the Celtics 9-2. Those two championships for the Lakers came during the legendary Magic-Bird Era. Their 2008 meeting resulted in Boston’s return to glory.

The Lakers won their 15th against the Orlando Magic, who had ousted the previous year’s champions in a 7-game series. Boston was missing star forward Kevin Garnett and few members of the basketball press predicted the Celtics to mirror their 2008 performance. Lackluster play, injuries, and age condemned the Celtics as damaged goods, yet during the play-offs the team beat the greatest stars of the East by playing team ball.

Goodbye Wade.

Adios LeBron.

See-yah Dwight.

California here they come to face Kobe, striving for recognition as the greatest player since Michael Jordan.

A rematch of the greats and the series has not disappointed the fans, although last night’s 6th game was an embarrassment for the Celtics. Phil Jackson toldhis team that the Celtics had champagne ready to be uncorked in their locker room. His words acted as a catalyst for a moribund bench. The Lakers scorched the Celtics. Our center was submarined by Kobe. Out for game 7 and beyond. Artest elbowed Rondo. 17 stitches. Bill Russell# 6 walked out in disgust. The final 89-67 was the second lowest losing score in the history of the NBA finals. Utah’s 54 against the Bulls in 1998 is the worst.

I watched the game at Frank’s Bar. It’s only three blocks from my apartment. The regular crowd was augmented by hip interlopers celebrating the release of an independent film. Something about a white boy lost in Jamaica. I didn’t pay them too much mind. They were into their own world and I was freaking out because the Lakers took an early lead in the 1st quarter.

“Basketball is a game of 50/50 chances.” Phil Jackson the LA coach stated to the media in the pre-game show and throughout the game every bounce, call, and errant rebound went to his team. It wasn’t even close. The only word to describe the game was ‘ugly’ and Larry crowed that ‘Garnett ain’t shit’.

I had said the same thing about Kobe the previous game.

Crow tasted like crow.

Now the season comes down to one game. A bombardment of cliches. There is no tomorrow.

Which is a lie.

Only just that they will only be a tomorrow for either LA fans or Boston.

I am calling it all green.

As if I had a choice.

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