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Summer 69 St Tropez Pascalet

Eric Bedos posted this painting. 1969 St. Tropez Summer I was 17. My girlfriend was Janet Stetson. Our beach was Nantasket on the Hull Peninsula south of Boston. Barry and the Remains played at the Surf. Paragon Park’s roller coaster was constructed out of wood. The structure creaked ominously with the passage of each car. […]

The Tiger Penis Restaurant / Deleted

Nothing on the interet is sacred. No ideas are original. That be said I received a note from a reader warning me to not use copied material I only added this article wth a compliment to for having published it. Sorry to have lit the hair up their ass on fire. The Chinese have […]

Frank Sinatra Speaks the Truth

While on a tour in 1974 which included Australia, Sinatra became enraged by his treatment by members of the Australian press. After a brief scuffle at the airport, he appeared on stage and delivered a hateful tirade against the press, calling them “bums and parasites,” and calling the female reporters “buck-and-a-half hookers.” In retaliation, the […]

Sad Sarah

MArriage into The British royal family should be the most joyous moment in a life. Sadly the brides of this generation have been doomed by an unspoken curse. Lady Diana divorced Prince Charles and died in a horrible car crash in Paris. Sarah Ferguson was two heartbeats from the throne as queen, but threw off […]

TOUGH GUY by A L Harlow

I met Big Al in 2002 at Diamond A Go Go. An ex-air force tech said his friend was writing a book. Having written four unpublished novels I subscribe to the old Woody Allen adage. “Everyone has a book in them. Best everyone keep it in them too.” But I also agreed help his fiend, […]