Dennis Hopper, the outlaw actor/director/painter/fiend passed away from this world. His film career spanned decades from the 50s to the 21st Century. EASY RIDER created a genius and universal Studio bankrolled THE LAST MOVIE with a million dollars. Big money in 1970. Hopper was given free rein for his movie and he directed a film about a stranded stunt man in Peru and the locals shooting a film with wooden sticks. He would send back the dailies to Hollywood and the executives freaked trying to figure out what he was doing in the high Andean plains.

Mostly drink and drugs, but I saw the film in the 80s.

It was great if only for destroying any credibility Hopper might have with the studios.

He was exiled from Hollywood after this debacle, even though THE LAST MOVIE won a prize at Cannes.

Of course Cannes is not Hollywood and neither was Dennis Hopper.

Get your motors running, Billy.

You’ll never rest in peace.

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