The Tiger Penis Restaurant / Deleted

Nothing on the interet is sacred.

No ideas are original.

That be said I received a note from a reader warning me to not use copied material

I only added this article wth a compliment to for having published it.

Sorry to have lit the hair up their ass on fire.

The Chinese have an incurable appetite for animal parts to stimulate sexual prowess. At present there are 1000 million more males than females in China. The coming generation of ‘litle emperors’ or single child famiies will slant the ratio toalmost 200 million more males than femles and th question has to be asked, if the Chinese male has no sexual partner with whom are they having sex?


If so than the Siberian, Asian, and Sumatra tigers will become extinct not for the sake of a delicacy served at Bangkok rstaurant but for the sak of millions of lonely Chinese men jerking off to Internet porno.

Th future of the tiger is in their right hand.

Save the tiger.

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