Heaven on Earth in a Man’s Eye

Thailand survived the red shirt rebellion. The repercussions of the violence, the shootings, and anarchy will resonate through the country like a tsunami striking distant beaches. The final outcome remains to be seen, but for the moment peace and calm are the order of the day. Bars are re-opened and the girls are desperate for customers to earn enough money for that sick buffalo up-country.

Mam is very suspect of my moves in such a time. I wake up early to go to the Internet cafe on Soi Buahkhao. It’s far from our Jomtien apartment, but the only cafe open 24/7. Mam thinks that I’m out hunting for a bargain with the drunk go-go girls exiting the karaoke bars. I see these beauties wheeling down the soi in high heels like off-balance spinning tops. I have no desire for them, although Mam doesn’t believe me.

“You like drunk ladies.”

“I only like you drunk.” It’s the truth but no women believe men. Not if they know what’s good for them. In her head I’m having sex with two or three women at the same time. I wish I could see her fantasies. They have to be better than mine.

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