The Dead Tell the Truth

I’ve never fired a gun in anger. My violence takes form in fists and bats. Living in Thailand was a lesson in patience. For all their smiles the Thais are seething with a murderous streak awaiting the right opportunity to cut close and this last week during a confrontation with red-shirt protesters, an exchange of gunfire cut a young recruit to the ground, blooding spilling on the street. Early reports cited the killing bullet came from friendly fire, however further video investigation indicated the shooter was within the police ranks.


I would have emptied my magazine into the tam-luat.

Jai-yen or a cold heart is not my forte.

Unlike the killer of this soldier.

Cold-blooded murder.

Kâat-dtà-gam jai yen.

A crime anywhere in the world as long as you are on the wrong wide of the law.

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