God is All-Powerful

The Iraq War has entered its 8th year. The cost in human life and treasure is a constant drain on the nation. The sacrifice of the military is numbered in the tens of thousands and the toll on their family members took a wicked twist with the father of fallen marine was court-ordered to pay the legal costs of a extreme religious group. The leader of the Westboro’s Baptist Church has been picket hundreds of military funerals for the sin of the Pentagon protecting gays from god’s righteous retribution.


Their placards are deemed free speech by Kansas’ Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The judges deigned not to explain their rationale on this ruling. My youngest brother died on AIDS. If someone had praised his death as god’s justice, I would have fucked up his 1st Amendment right with a baseball bat. I’m sure their hospital bills would top the legal and that assault would have been my free speech in action. I’m never good at funerals.


This truly is a fucked up nation.

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