No Red Lights – No Worries

California has a budget deficit of billions. The federal government has no intention of bailing out the failing economy of the nation’s largest state, so Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been seeking alternative methods to save and make money. Earlier in the week he proposed cutting the prison population along with privatizing the penal institutions. State workers have unpaid day’s off and certain offices are closed for extended periods of time. This cost-cutting tactics might save money, but the only way to get money is to make it, so the ‘ex-Terminator’ has suggested the installation of speed cameras on red lights.

$225 for those driving faster than the speed limit and $325 for those going more than 15 mph over the legal speed.

The car culture of California is understandably upset by this measure aimed at adding nearly a half-billion dollars to the state coffers.

Revenue piracy is what it is, although I tend to drive the speed limit in congested areas. During this spring’s tour of the Midwest with Peter Bach I obeyed every traffic edict by avoiding the interstates. 100 mph was my average speed on the roads of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa. Back roads and old state highways. Not a single cop or a red light for 2000 miles.

And I maintained my unblemished driving record.

If Arnold really wanted to close the debt gap, he should legalize marijuana 100% and tax the sales.

Problem solved in one year.


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