Panic Code Red 2009

Ex-VP Dick Cheney has accused Barack Obama of “trying to pretend we are not at war” in the face of a Nigerian’s attempted downing of the Northwest Airlines flight. The president interrupted his Hawaiian vacation to state that a “potential catastrophic breach” of security led to the Christmas Day incident. The $40 billion spent on security upgrades seem to achieve nothing and airport guards were searching grandma’s underwear with an extra dose of vigilance. The nation is tense. We are still a target and this afternoon NYPD shut down Times Square after a 1992 Dodge van was abandoned on Broadway despite Mayor Bloomberg’s pedestrianization of the Great White Way.

Police were still looking for the van’s owner.

New York was much safer from terrorists when junkie ruled the roost, although no one wants to go back to those days.

Other than me.

The Minnesota Strip was such a wicked thing.

My favorite was Sharon.

She came from New Jersey.


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