My Credit Rating

750 is supposedly the best credit rating. My draft # in 1970 was 113. I stayed in university to avoid the last years of Vietnam. 365 was the best draft number possible. My credit rating is even lower than my draft lottery pick. It might even be negative and I also think it’s on my permanent record.

At least I burned the credit cards for some money, although in truth they probably got what they loaned me and then some. I cut the credit cards and threw them in the trash. I owe them something ridiculous. I told their cold callers that I was going to prison and asked for an extension on my credit line.

“We are not a bail bonding service.”

“But you don’t understand. I’m going to prison. Not jail. Prison.”

“We can’t help you.”

That was our last conversation. They haven’t called since and I throw all their letters into the trash.

-69 is my number.

I’m really sorry that it wasn’t even lower.


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