Osama Bin Laden Who?

Osama Bin Laden finally received a little press after the Taylor Swift-Kanye West blowout. The media noted that “An Address to the American People” was aired two days after 9/10/09 on As-Sahab, the Arabic-language Web site. Few American newspapers published the communique and no TV channel broadcast the audiotape by the supposed mastermind of America’s worst domestic attack.

Someone once said, “As you get old you forget, but as you get older you are forgotten.”

This adage has worked against Osama Bin Laden.

If people don’t see you, then they forget you. He would be better off surrendering the Swiss authorities so he can regain his title, but not much chance of his surviving the flight to Zurich, unless he was on Rendition Airways to Gitmo Bay.

Still some of his diatribe was translated to the English-speaking public. He condemned Obama for following the foreign policy of GW Bush. I also do the same. No one in the media cares what I think or say. Maybe it’s his rhetoric.

“The reason for our dispute with you is your support for your ally Israel, occupying our land in Palestine.”

“If you stop the war, then fine. Otherwise we will have no choice but to continue our war of attrition on every front. If you choose safety and stopping wars, as opinion polls show you do, then we are ready to respond to this.”

“If you think about your situation well, you will know that the White House is occupied by pressure groups. Rather than fighting to liberate Iraq — as Bush claimed — it (the White House) should have been liberated.”

Hell, I’ve said the same thing.

And like I said no one listens to me.

Why should Osama be any different?

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