Thai Visa Tactics

Farangs on the Thai Visa Forum were reacting in a customary panic to the declaration from the Immigration Offices that all future 60-day tourist extensions will be reviewed with the intent of weeding out those farangs working or seeking work illegally in Thailand. I can suggest several tactics to avoid such scrutiny.

First; don’t seek out work. While in Thailand, kick back and enjoy life. Blow all your money on wine, women, and song, then leave without a forwarding address breaking the hearts of those loved ones left behind. Certainly works for Thai men and their first wives.

Secondly pretend you are an African or Indian. I’ve never seen any of them on a visa run or a neighboring embassy or border crossing. Acha.

Thirdly pretend you are Thai although this might require learning more Thai than needed to order a beer in Nana Plaza as well as losing weight.

Getting a real visa might help, but none of us ever thought we were going to stay in Thailand forever until we got out of the airport.

Lastly just go for an OS Visa. Overstay as long as you want. It’s only 20K for the penalty at the airport. Getting caught beforehand would mean deportation, but that means it was time to go and you can always change your passport back home and come back as another person.

Farangs all look alike anyway.

Except to computers.

Good Luck Mongers.

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