Sanity at Last

Last week Mexico decriminalized the possession of most drugs to combat the overcrowing of that country’s jails and prisons. Several Latin American leaders have criticized the USA for its ‘war on drugs’, saying the decades-old policy is an abject failure. Despite having toked a bone in his youth, President Obama has turned his back on his roots by refusing to enter the legalization debate, however the issue might be catching up with him, as an advisory board in Denver overwhelmingly to adopt a very lenient possession penalty.

$1 for less than an ounce.

At that cost the state will not be able to afford prosecution of marijuana smokers, which count for the largest number of drug arrests in the USA. Other members of the board recommended total decriminalization. More surprising were the poll results.

Poll – Decriminalizing Pot

Do you support decriminalizing marijuana?

Total Votes = 6020

7.707 %
2.657 %
18.00 %
69.61 %
No opinion
2.009 %

It’s a landslide.

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