Burning in Hell

In 1842 William Miller announced the imminent end of the world. October 22, 1844 was the date selected by his follower by Samuel S. Snow. His congregation prepared for the coming of Christ for two years. The day came and went without Jesus appearing with his host of angels. The date was thereafter known as the Great Disappointment.

Evangelicals are divining apocalyptic signs from present events and born-agains are crying ‘the end is nigh’. One advocate of doom is my friend, the model from Paris. Her mother was a devotee to Armageddon and as a girl the model from Paris questioned her mother about having to wearing ‘The end is near’ tee-shirt. Now nearing fifty the model has rejoined the familiar fold of 7th Day Adventistism and emails me that I will burn in Hell for my sin of non-belief in God.

I asked if there were any other choices and her response was unwavering in its severity.

I don’t understand your argumentation, THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END, and its going to be a full scale hideous tragedy, you will see, its never too late to repent OK?If you have time, before a tsunami wipes you out,

you are just that lazy frog type to lulled by comfort to move your ass before you get boiled as the water goes from luke warm to boiling hot.

the sheep on drugs!!! I am talking to you about Jesus who has a message for you that you are just IGNORING, and you are telling me to calm down hahaha. Please spare me your condescendence, I have une calme olympian cheri……lol…

I’m sorry that you see fit to ignore the existence of God apparently because you lost some loved ones, Jesus said or you are with me or you are against me.

Its your choice, God gives you the freedom to reject him, and believe me you will regret this arrogance one day when you find yourself in front of him.

You don’t stop to ask yourself for one second whether you may be wrong? Its a terrible choice to make,

I wouldn’t be quite so cocksure buddy,

Lots of love

Until the end I’ll be drinking a lot of beer, because they’ll certianly not be any cold ones in Hell.

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