Chasing the Dragon by Cops

Drugs are illegal in Thailand. The police have squads of officers scouting the slums, discos, and bars for offenders. Suspects are piss-tested for ‘ice’ and ‘ja-bah’, the two popular speed drugs in the orient. Any trace of purple means a lock-up for months. Actual possession could earn years, but smuggling drugs gets the most time in prison with the possibility of execution. One of the last executioners of Thailand is on death row for trafficking, so the recent sentencing of life imprisonment to an Australian man could be seen as lenient. the 31 year-old had been arrested at the airport with 3 kilos of heroin taped to his body. He avoided the death sentence by confessing to the crime. His partner was able to escape the airport, despite the heavy police presence. The fugitive must have met more understanding officers on his way to the taxi stand or else he was caught by King Power Duty-Free for shop-lifting. Better that than transportation of heroin.

Of course the pundits on Thai Visa were organizing a petition for the death penalty. These wankers think they are little gods out here. Heroin does kill people and ruin lives, however cigarette manufacturers murder millions each year and no one is hunting them down on the streets and King Power is selling the cancer sticks with impunity at their shops through the airport.

Taxes remitted to the government.

Case closed.

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