Monthly Archives: July 2009

Dearth of Farangs

The Wall Street Journal was crowing over the Dow Jones hitting 9000. This ebullient economic news had little effect on Thailand. The Asian Highway was empty coming down from Chai-Nat. Morchit, the main bus terminal, was quiet. The bus to Pattaya had open seats and the motorway through Bangkok offered no traffic jams. Once Thailand […]

Some Old Dogs Never Sleep

Rumors continued to persist about President Obama’s citizenship, despite Hawaii having issued a birth certificate in his name. The GOP opposition was so desperate in the 2008 election that they investigated his nationality without any satisfaction since the Hawaii Advertiser published the news of his birth. Verification of this rumor could have been a two-edged […]

Dumb Cops Retraction

Last month at Mullane’s I was talking to an ex-NYPD cop about the 1999 Amadou Diallo case. I offhandedly remarked that the officers involved in that fatal shooting were probably high on drugs and that the only good thing they did that fateful evening was not reload and shoot the downed African again. “You don’t […]

S & M CIA/Thai Connection

The Washington Post has published an article claiming that the Thai government was aware of the secret CIA torture compounds at various sites throughout the country. The PM categorically denied the existence of these rendition centers for terrorists at the ASEAN summit in Phuket. His Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban also pronounced that the report […]

King Power 1968

King Power had humble beginnings at the old Don Muang Airport. These shacks served as the duty-free, selling durian fragrances and Zippo lighters. $1000 Gucci wallets and $100 eyeshadow were not available on the premises adn the salespeople greeted travelers with a real Thai smile. Oh, for the good ole days.