Can’t A Brother Get A Break

“I’m not black but there’s a lot of times I don’t want to be white.” Frank Zappa on HELP I’M A ROCK.

White people had a hard time with Michael Jackson’s transformation to a white person. Bizarre was most of their takes. “He was so cute as a young boy.”

What they don’t take into consideration is the treatment most blacks receive in the US of A, the land of the free such as in the case of Henry Louis Gates, a black intellectual who was arrested in Cambridge Mass. for disorderly conduct after breaking into his own house.

Black man white neighborhood.

Arrest quota add one old black man for the stats.

And this is the democracy the USA touts to the rest of the world.

No wonder it’s a hard sell.

THe Land of the Free still has a long way to come.

And Damn!

The brother was wearing a pink LaCoste shirt.

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