Monthly Archives: May 2009

Marilyn Chambers RIP plus one month

The Police announced that Marilyn Chambers, star of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, died of natural causes. She was a true star of porno as evidenced by this outtake from a film with the legendary John Holmes. To view this segment click on the following URL

The Bliss of Fake Bling

Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue has a very special return policy for its jewelry. “Go down to 47th Street to sell it.” Many other people seek to transform jewelry into cash on the busy block between 5th And 6th Avenues. Some are in possession of estates or family heirloom. A few are thieves, but many are […]

The Old Man in the Mountain

The Old Man of the Mountain was the symbol of New Hampshire. The profile of the granite cliffs on Cannon Mountain were emblazoned on the state’s license along with the motto ‘Live Free or Die’. Daniel Webster immortalized the stone face with the words. “Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades; shoe […]

$3 Billion

To put $3 billion (US) in perspective, a 50 year-old male could have sex with this girl for 20 years. At one point they would have to have in love. Then out of it. Over money of course. Then again it’s always about the money.

Senators in The Pocket.

$3 billion dollars. The USA had surrendered this amount to Israel every year without ever really questioning the cost of this support. Israel is a victim. Palestine the outlaw terrorist state. Anyone questioning this reality is lambasted as an anti-Zionist and the pro-Israel lobby showed its power with a letter signed by 76 senators strongly […]