Hummer Highlights for GM

Wall Street tanked this Monday after absorbing the news that GM’s CFU or Chief Fuck-Up had been ousted by the Obama Administration. The old adage ‘What’s good for GM is good for America’ had lost its credibility during the 8-year leadership of Rick Wagoner with the company losing nearly 90% of its stock value. His traveling to DC in a private jet to beg money from Congress didn’t help his case and he was replaced by another inept GM manager, making the very existence of the century-old car-maker a question of good money following bad.

Not everything was bad news for GM as the New York Times reported the surge in Iraq create another surge for the purchase of GM H3 Hummers the upmarket version of the US Army’s Humvee.

“Iraqis love them because they’re really a symbol of power,” said a Bagdhad car dealer. “This car brings out the “hasad thukuri” in everyone.”

‘Penis envy’ for this $60,000 fully-loaded vehicle in egg-yolk yellow and scarlet red and gas only cost $1.40, which is up from $.09 under the Halliburton regime.

“Big car means big penis.” An Iraq friend told me. He loves GW Bush, big cars, and big women. “I want to be an American. Same as everyone else.”

And nothing says American more than an H3 Hummer.

Buy American.

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