Years ago I was traveling through Mexico on my way to Texas. The bus stopped at a small village and I bought some tacos. One tasted funny. Within several hours my body was wracked by gastric convulsions. I got off the bus in a small nameless town and booked a room in a disreputable posada. I read HP Lovecraft’s PITTMAN’S MODEL and fell asleep in a stupor.

A fevered dream of zombies chasing me through a decrepit garden became too real.

I shouted, “Wake up, wake up.” As the undead followed me down the dusty paths. A gazebo offered shelter. The screendoor and windows kept out the man-eaters for they were too weak to push through the flimsy barrier. Dust from under their fingernails in the air. More zombies came from the darkness. I was doomed and a eerie voice said, “If you tell us the secret of human life, we will live another 60 seconds.”

“The secret of human life?” Nothing I had read ever held the answer to this mystery, but I realized the secret. I couldn’t tell the zombies or else they would east the rest of the world in a raw frenzy.

The secret was that no matter how bad the fate awaited me I still wanted those extra 60 seconds.

And the same is for the young man from this video.

No matter what there always another chance.

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Nick Vujicic has no arms or legs but has come to terms with his lot in life and he delivers an inspirational speech to these school kids that they will probably never forget.

He’s amazing.

I bet he gets a lot of chances.

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