Free Palestine

The bombing continues without abatement and everyone in the world condemns Israel except for the USA and Great Britain. I walked out of the Plaza Hotel this evening and Hannukkah celebrants were standing in Tecumseh Sherman Plaza for the lighting of the giant menorrah. The Mitvah Tank passed on 60th Street. Young children shouting out gleefully, “Happy Hannukkah.”

“Happy Hannukkah and Free Palestine.” I shouted from the sidewalk with a smile.

“Shut up.” Someone yelled from a SUV.

“Free Palestine. Attica. 1968.” That was enough. Pedestrian were staring at me as if I were crazy.

Not crazy, but angered by the lack of outrage and it’s not from apathy or even antipathy.

Palestine doe4sn’t even registered on American’s radar.

Not when Britney Spears has the best CD of the year.

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