Iceland Crapped Out

“I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust the banks, I don’t trust the political parties, and I don’t trust the IMF. We had a good country here and they’ve ruined it.”

These words came from a young Icelandic protester angered by the North Atlantic nation’s collapse into an extreme economic abyss. Banks in Reykjavik had bet on the long side of the voodoo surge of world capital. They bet wrong and now the 320,000 inhabitants of Iceland owe untold billions to a kaleidoscope of financial institutions, forcing them to seek help from International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The Viking descendants are indebted to the tune of 50 billion Euros.

$65,000,000,000 or approx. $20,000 per person.

There are only three options left to Iceland; firstly enter slavery, second tell everyone to fuck off and write-off the debt, and lastly dig up those old Viking helmets to become pirate raiders like Somalia. They only ow $1.7 billion and they’re paying it off the old fashioned way.

By stealing it.

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