An anonymous reader criticized my article HOW FAR THE FALL on the Thaksin’s descent from the heights of power.


1)Your article is extremely biased. May be it’ll be an excuse for having such an attitude for … the only oldest news’s sources all belong to Thaksin’s opponents, and you conceited farang happened to be fooled and misled so. People, don’t be deceived by the information readily available, find the truth yourselves.

“the only oldest news’s sources all belong to Thaksin’s opponents”

The news sources that I quoted were the International Herald Tribune, BBC, Bangkok Post, 2 Bangkok, and several other publication out of the financial grasp of Thaksin’s opponents.

“you conceited farang”

I more think of myself as a hypocrite.

The anonymous reader cites the following for the prejudice of the news media agaisnt Thaksin.

For Instance, an interesting fact.

One of the assassination attempt to rid of Taksin involved the use of time bomb with blast radius of 1 kilometer, capable of killing up to half the people within the vicinity, and was made to detonate to kill both the Ex-PM along with all people in the rush hour in a concentrated area in BKK. The culprit caught, given some kind of protection, and was bailed immediately after the coup. He’s even made a joke that even if he fail, Taksin will be rid of via coup any way.

London Times 2006

Colonel Kosol Ngampramuan, chief of the bomb squad, said 148lb (67kg) of ammonium nitrate, 10lb of TNT and 3˝lb of C-4 explosive were found in a car belonging to Lieutenant Thawatchai, who was arrested after fleeing the vehicle. The explosives were defused and the vehicle was towed to a safe location. Police said the vehicle was driven back and forth past Mr Thaksin’s residence and a security guard for the Prime Minister urged police to chase and stop it. (AP)

The driver of the car worked for General General Panlop Pinmanee, who dismissed insinuations of his involvement with the statement. “If I wanted to kill someone we would be at his funeral now.”

Coming from the man whom engineered the murderous assault of the the Krue Sae Mosque, the holiest mosque in Pattani, I tend to believe his capability to provide results.

Thanks for your comment whomever you are.

By the way I’m biased against anyone who had 3000 people killed without a trial.

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