Fun Fat Farangs on Pattaya Beach

Thailand is the Land of Smiles and pedestrians on Beach Road were granted more than a smile this weekend, as two fat farangs exceeded the boundaries of decency by coupling au natural with their lady companions in plain view. Once these obese libertines realized that they had an audience, they re-clothed in their expansive garments and fled the scene of their experiment with free love.

This was not a first.

Love under the palms is a very popular activity with nocturnal beach-goers.

Every morning beach vendors clean up after the prey of ladyboys and their female counterparts; pee-mahpow or coconut ghosts. Scary in the daytime, darkness and drunkenness provide an alluring disguise for these phantoms of the night and their price is right.

200-500 baht.

Of course l’amour liberte can cost the unsuspecting romeo.

The police reports are filled with crimes committed by thieves, TVs, and female consorts, especially on men not suspecting their date is not Dove but Dave.


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