Thaksin’s wife Slammed with 3 Years

Ex-PM Thaksin’s legal advisers must be telling him to take an extended vacation away from his native land, for the Thai criminal court has found his wife, her brother, and secretary guilty of tax evasion charges, despite Ms. Potojam’s sincere protestations that the sold shares were a gift and not a business venture. The court was less than convinced and sentence ‘Helmethead’ to three years in prison and lambasted defendant for her disregard to her position of wealth and power. She was granted bail on appeal and her 1000 supporters descried the ruling as strictly political.

The court has also summoned her husband to face various charges. His travels plans remain fluid for the present.

Clearly the former prime minister has no friends on the bench, although some touts are saying that this punishment only clears the way for the Man City owner to conduct his affaire des couer without interference from his marital partner of over 30 years.

“Itsarah.” is the Thai word for freedom.

And Thaksin was probably saying, “Thank you very much.”

“Do you think we can get front row seats for the synchronized swimming?” Some reporters overheard Thaksin asking his personal secretary.

I’m sure there are some scalpers ready to take care of him, plus Thaksin has a multi-million yuan residence in the Celestial Kingdom, so he might have to change the address on his passport to protect his freedom. After all Lydia the pop singer thinks that he is innocent.

Me too, but my friends think he’s lying.

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