Cigarette Theft Sparks 200 Person Melee

“I’m not black, but there’s a lot of times I’m not proud to be white.” Frank Zappa sang on FREAK OUT.  

This weekend no one was really proud about a 200 person donnybrook at a Florida gas station. Cause of the riot. A pack of cigarettes. 20 rolled cancer sticks. Cost $2.72. Six arrests were effected by the Ft. Myers police after driver at a gas station was assaulted by six individuals, who claimed she had stolen a pack of cigarettes. Her car sustained damage before the police arrived to quell the rebellion. No one was hurt, but in Ft. Myers News-Press blogs the crackers were up in arms.

Excerpts from the bloggers;

After reading the headline I knew it wasn’t about whites. No wonder whites and Western Civ. dominate the world. As long as excuses are made and these punk thugs are pandered to by our schools and politicians, these activities will never stop. I say we need a Gitmo in the Arctic Circle for useless animals like this group.

These fine upstanding young ladies are nothing but a bunch of thugs. Ship ’em off to prison where they belong. Animals!


Hey the kids just wanna have fun. I used to fight at the South Boston St. Padraic’s Day parade. We were all heroes. Violence was fun, but this was a little out of hand. I grant the KKK that. No excuses. Fuck ups are fuck-ups.


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