GOP out for Michelle Obama

GW Bush was elected president over Johy Kerry, because more American voters decided that Laura Bush made a better first lady than Mrs. Kerry, whose Heinz fortune came from outliving her husband.

2008 pits Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain in the First Lady election.

Black against white. Chicago versus Arizona. New school/ Old School.

The GOP are gearing up their smear machine to muddy the younger woman’s image in order to negativized the Democrat candidate in the eyes of mainstream America.

National Review dubbed Michelle as Mrs. Grievance and Fox news has once more tried on the old Al-Qeada connection by calling a fist punch the husband and wife shared at the announcement of Obama’s winning the nomination ‘a terrorist bump’ and assailed her saying about her husband’s winning, “For the first time in my adult life I’m proud to be an American.”

You’re not proud about GW Bush, the War on Terror, Monica Lewinsky, SUV, obesity, steroids, the US Basketball teams losing to the rest of the world?

You Black Panther bitch.

This while some African Americans question her ‘blackness’ as the elitist daughter of a garbage collector.

Bring it on, because this lady ain’t no nappy-headed ‘ho.

She’s got curls.

And brains to match.

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