Beautiful Boat-Car Park for Pattaya

Pratumamk Hill offers residents and visitors to Pattaya a spectacular view of the crescent bay and any pedestrians along the Beach Road can admire the splendor of the navy park dipping unimpeded by development into the sea, however the Bali Hai pier is surrounded by hundreds of boats and diesel buses. The former leaking oil into the harbor and the latter spewing diesel fumes into the air. City officials have come up with a brilliant plan to eliminate the eyesore of these boats by proposing a shared car/boat park under Pratumak Hill. The builder’s environmental supervisor Daranee Tor-Charoen assured the public that the 200-meter long three-storeys high building will hardly be noticeable to anyone standing at the northern end of Beach Road.


Like many environmental advisers to Thai business her name only appears once in a google search This single reference was for the article in the Pattaya Mail, a firm believer that any development is a benefit to the public as long as the benefactors spend their money in country.

My solution to this problem is simple.

Do nothing and let things go the way they are.

If it’s broke, who gives a shit as long as fixing it doesn’t break it more.

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