Mega-Mall opens on Beach Road

Pattaya a town renown for its go-gos and lady boys will celebrate the opening of the Pattaya Festival Mall next year as part of its expansion to induce Thais and farangs to spend more money of shit they don’t really need from Tops, Robinson’s and a myriad of semi-luxury clothing chains. The three-year development will present the beach resort with the time-honored bragging rights to having the largest beachfront shopping mall in Asia, although its 210,000 sq. meters is minuscule in comparison to 890,000 sq. meters of the world’s largest shopping mall in Dongguan,m China.



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In order to have achieve that size the developers, Central Pattana Public Company LTD would have had to knock down everything on Soi 7 and 8 and 9 plus Pattaya Klang or Central Road. Even at a quarter of the size of the mammoth Chinese consumer pit, environmental advisers suggest that traffic won’t be affect much by the opening of the new mega-mall, since they have hired at least seven security guards with extra big whistles to deal with the influx of cars.

A 1500 sq meters dedicated to recreational will give shoppers someplace to rest before indulging in their manic need to buy something to verify their existence as human beings on this planet of infinite resources.

Expect opening date April 2009.

I wish them all the luck in the world and suggest they start working on a cable car to carry shoppers from the mega-mall to One Ocean Tower. that would really help beat the traffic.

PS The largest beachfront shopping mall had been in Penang, but it’s only 150,000 sq meters so take that Malaysia although the SM Mall in Manila is so big that they had to build an island to fit the parking lots. Way to go PI.


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