Monthly Archives: May 2008

Ted Kennedy Survives Helicopter Ride

Ted Kennedy was hospitalized for a seizure this weekend. The senior senator was helicoptered to Mass General Hospital where he remains in stable condition. This brush with near-death was not his first and far from as famous as the Chappaquiddick Bridge incident, which resulted in the drowning death of of his late brother’s secretary, Mary […]

US Cities Getting Old

Plenty of children are playing in Central Park, but they were none in downtown Providence the other day and like many other cities in the in the USA the dead outnumber the born. This fact was brilliantly portrayed in the English film CHILDREN OF GOD which depicts a world without birth, but no one is […]

Obamastock in Oregon

Barack Obama appeared along the banks of Willamette River and the first words out of his mouth were. “Wow wow wow.” Why wow wow wow? Because over 75,000 people had thronged to see the Democratic contender. Hillary Clinton was not available for comment about the crowd size. For a related article click on this URL […]

US Supreme Court Okays Porno

Free Speech advocates have long regarded pornography as the front line of 1st Amendment, however the Supreme Court re-affirmed its position on a 2003 law designated to curtail kiddie porn, despite the legislation’s vague terms on CGI or Computer Generated Images sex might infringe on the 1st Amendment. I surf the web for porn, but […]

Happy Hours Maybe Fini in France

Years ago I was driving on the Autoroute du Sud toward Perpignan. I stopped at a Cafe de Relais to a coffee. At the bar several routiers or truck drivers were drinking in an afternoon aperitif. In this case Calvados. Coming from the States I was slightly surprised that the Etat du France sanctioned the […]