Aussie Sex Slave Madam

Several months ago Ort was sitting in the Tiger Bar. The 23 year-old was the skinniest girl in the bar. She had her choice of customers. None suited her. “All of them are kee-nio.”


“How much they pay you?”

“1500 baht for short time. 2500 for all night.” She ordered another beer on my tab.

“That’s sounds okay.” I wasn’t making any money at this time, thanks to the cyber police.

“No, I thinking about going to Singapore or Australia. One night make maybe 10,000 baht.”

10 Gs is most Thais monthly income. “Good money if you can get it.”

“Singapore men not have sex with Singapore lady. Lady work too much. Men work too much. Sex maybe 5 minutes. See yah.” She was dreaming about easy money, but also had heard of not so happy endings to these trips overseas. “I’m scared they sell me to bad men. The woman boss she wants 100,000 for ticket and visa. Big money.”

$3000 for the right to work in a brothel was a problem.

“You give me?”

“Sorry, I don’t have it, plus it sounds a little suspicious.”

“Suspicious?” Ort didn’t know the meaning of the word.

“Gring.” And I explained about a Aussie madam or mama-san who had enslaved 5 Thai women in Sydney. They had received tickets and visas in exchange for working off their $20,000 debt.

“How much $20,000?” Ort wasn’t liking what she was hearing.

“About 500,000 baht.” Or about 500 short-times.

“Too much.” Ort was lazy about having sex. Anyone working the sex trade is, unless they’re a slave, which is what these 5 Thai women were. They were told the number of clients necessary to pay off the debt. 900 men. Their passports and return were seized by the Chinese madam. They were locked in the brothel 24 hours a day, working 12 hour shifts to reduce their debt, while Sundays they could work for themselves. No rest for the wicked.

Ort surveyed the bar with a new eye. “Not so bad here. I see you later.”

She got up and went to the fattest farang in the bar.

Just her speed.

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