Monthly Archives: April 2008

China Says Go Home Dabizi

For years farang residents in Thailand have dealt with the ever-changing kaleidescope of immigration restrictions; most recently the elimination of the eternal tourist visa border run, however their seemingly anti-farang sentiment is much more liberal than the Celestial Empire to the north, for while China will welcome of horde of big-nosed barbarians for the Summer […]

Dry Saturdays for Election

Warning. No beer April 26-27 as Chonburi province holds its election this weekend and then next week a similar ban on booze for May 3-4 for Pattaya’s mayoral and city council elections. The nation wants sober decision on who should hold power over the populace for the years to come and everyone knowas that like […]

Songkran Bonanza For Pattaya

Longtime farang residents flee Pattaya during the Songkran festival, however the city council has reported that over a half-million people visited the Last Babylon to participate in the festivities and mayhem, spending as much as 1000 baht a day. Mostly on beer and whiskey and hotel rooms. Business leaders have reported that the total visitors […]

Girly Burdy too Skimpy for Thai Culture

Ministers of new governments tend to issue inane proclamations to showboat their talents for the electorate and Thailand’s Culture Minister promoted himself to front page by stripping the teenage singers Girly Burdy of their spokesperson status after performing for the Songkran crowd on Bangkok’s San Road in what he deemed inappropriate attire. Skimpy tops and […]

Eat Less Advice from Samak

While governor of Minnesota Jessie Ventura suggested to those constituents suffering from obesity that they should push themselves away from the table to lose weight and now Thai PM Samak has told the nation that they should do the same to cope with the rising food prices, since the increases are simply part of the […]