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Several years ago Nick and I tried to list the 7 Deadly Sins while sitting at the Buffalo Bar. I named gluttony, envy, and wrath. Nick nailed sloth and lust. We struggled for the final two and finally picked pride and greed. I was guilty of sloth and lust, though never at the same time, because you can’t be lazy while having sex, unless you just want to pleasure yourself. Nick said the only times he was really wrathful was while watching his beloved Tottenham Hotspurs and I accused him of envy, due to their mediocre performance in the Premiership in relations to his dreaded Rivals; Arsenal and Chelsea. Neither of us were accused of gluttony, although our drinking could exemplify that sin, and pride, well, we’re not proud of much.


Just glad to be alive.

Recently the Vatican added pollution, obscene wealth, human rights violations, drug trafficking, genetic manipulation, slum lording, and questionable scientific tests to the ancient list. I’m most assuredly not guilty of obscene wealth or any other of the modern sins, making me feel left out from the ways of the world.

I really have to catch up.

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