Bad Little Boy Pattaya

As a young boy I clipped change out of my mother’s purse. I know I’m going to burn in Hell for this crime, although I never stole more than a dollar. At least to the best of my memory.


The commandment says, “Thou shall not steal.” without saying says how much, because the Bible considers any stealing stealing. One bath. Ten Baht. A million baht, although one baht doesn’t buy anything at 7/11  as proven this weekend in Pattaya when ten young boys ages 8-12 entered a convenience store with almost 50,000 baht divided amongst them.

The shop owner suspected that the boys might not have come by the money legally and took the ten boys to the So 9 Police station, where the police discovered that one boy had lifted the cash from his elderly step-mother, who had taken in the boy after his parents’ death.

She forgave the young boy after the police gave him a stern warning not to steal again or else he would go to jail.

Somehow I think we’ll be hearing from him again, but after stealing 50,000 baht his first time, where can he go from here?



Kids today. Hoodlums tomorrow.

That’s not to say that redemption is impossible.

Look at Wan Yoobamrung’s contrition upon receiving his duties as secretary to Deputy Public Health Minister and he introduced to the staff saying, “For my mistakes in the past, I apologise for being a nuisance to society and would like to ask for a chance to serve the country as my penance.”

As for becoming a model of abstinence for smoking or drinking, Wan said. “I don’t think I would be a good role model as I am still drinking and smoking on an on again, off again basis.”

If he’s anything like me, it’s more on than off.

Sinners not saints.

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