Monthly Archives: January 2008

‘I Little Slave’ a book

I read this interview on from Ona trip to laos in 1997 I was amazed by the widespread deforestation. The country had been denuded of trees. The loggers were political prisoners like Bounsang Khamkeo. The timber produce chopsticks in Japan and toilet paper for the rest of the world. The writer survived seven years in the secret jungle […]

Skin and Bones in Pattaya

I like skinny women. This predilection for underweight females originates from the nympish cover girl of BLIND FAITH’s LP. Not CD. LP. This fetish has been a life-long devotion. Thai girls are naturally thin until they get a boyfriend with a little money, then it’s eat and eat and eat to balloon into a plump […]

Fabo’s Whereabouts

I hadn’t seen Fabo in several weeks. Last time was with his mia noi Gai at the Buffalo Bar. The nextd day Bruno said Fabo was in trouble. He didn’t say what. It could have been Poo, his big wife, Gai, the good German gangster, drinking too many Heinekens. The result was the same. He was MIA […]

Eastern Promises

On Boxing Day 2006 a pick-up truck narrowly missed my daughter. I confronted the driver at the end of the soi. The tattooed tapestry got out of his truck wearing sneakers or trainers. He was bigger than I thought and I was wearing the 2nd worst footwear for a fight. Flip-flops. The worst are cowboy boots which […]

Jesus Didn’t Have Tattoos by Jocko Weyland

Short Story by Jocko Weyland from Vice Magazine—joc-1.html?cid=98780906#comment-98780906  Hanging out at the park on a sunny Los Angeles winter afternoon, lying on the grass, reading, taking it in while unfortunately having to endure the Mexican evangelical preacher squawking away in Spanish on a megaphone at the far end. I mean really, why, why, why […]