Heaven Above Back from the Darkness – Pattaya

After a month’s absence from Pattaya’s galaxy of go-gos Heaven Above has re-opened thoroughly renovated for the upcoming season. The closure was due to the local police’s  moral strictures on nudity and if anyone know how to identify sin, it’s the boys in brown. This is no longer your father’s Pattaya.


Last night Heaven was packed with dirty little angels and wicked farangs pardoned from the purgatory of the West. Several dancers greeted me with a hug. The owner came over with a sly smile. “If I had to be closed then last month wasn’t a bad month to do it.”

Blessing in disguise?

Its faithful clientele of big spenders think so.

Me, I had one drink and headed home

Go-go bars aren’t fun with a 1000 baht in your pocket.

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