Monthly Archives: July 2007

Good News for Beer Drinkers

Badnews cascades on Thailand for farangs and Thais alike; a coup, rising gas prices, visa confusion, nightclub raids, falling value of the baht, collapse of the real estate market ad nauseum. Bad luck is contagious and many farangs have jumped ship for Cambodia where the welcome mat is not so trodden as in the Land […]

Gasohol – Pro / Con

Thai auto dealers have confirmed that their cars and motorcycles can run on Gasohol 95 and 91 without any engine damage. Thousands of rai are being converted to sugar cane production to answer the predicted surge in demand for Gasohol. Sugar sweeter than candy to free the world from Gas. I had been a hippie […]

DAAD Protesters Amok in Bangkok

Sunday afternoon some 5000 anti-government demonstrators broke through police barricades at Makkhawan bridge and marched to the Bangkok residence of Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda. Despite the heavy rain the protesters led by the Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship exhibited the fiery temper of mob rule or god moo and proceeded to hurl missiles including […]

Flight of Farangs

This low season appears to have reached previously unknown depths. The high air ticket costs have priced Thailand out of the budget of many tourists and the rising baht has decimated the ranks of the casual residents of Pattaya. Everytime I enter a bar I feel like a RAF pilot returned to the barracks after […]

Dengue Fever Season #2

The Thai Tourist Board paints a pretty picture of the Land of Smiles and with good reason. The nation is blessed with beaches, ancient ruins, and forest mountains. The positives outweigh the negatives, however the authorities tend to rosy up the vision of their country and evaded issues of importance such as Dengue Fever. This […]