Sinatra croons the Blues

Thaksin swears that his legal hassles in Thailand won’t interfere with his purchase of Man City FC and has resorted to his time-tested tactic of whacking his attackers with a legal suit to free his frozen bank assets. He also claims the Assets examiners are harassing him and harming his good name as well as his family members and associates. “What I do wrong?”


This warning comes in the form of a letter from the former PM. Not a lawyer. The examiners aren’t even sure if it’s real.

Thaksin Thai-based lawyer said he thought it looked and sounded like the ex-leader, but couldn’t swear for sure, as if this noncommited lawyer was upset that Thaksin was too cheap to pay legal fees attached to such a document.

Cheap Charlie or simply gra?-do?ok ka?t man?

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