Bangkok Happiness Down

Bangkok Happiness Index has plummeted to 3.71 in comparison to 5.02 for national average. The present political unrest is causing stress, as families argue opposing views. My father would tell them. “Don’t watch the news. Never has anything good on it. That stuff makes you crazy.”


What makes a Bangkok man happy?

A bottle of Johnny Walker Black, his mia noi happy and his wife not knowing a thing.

What makes a Bangkok woman happy? A bottle of Chanel# 5, her husband not knowing about his credit card binge to Central, and his not knowing about her karaoke geek. Everyone has their happiness plateau, although most people want more simple things out of life like my father and wife’s paw.

Both are content with eating drinking and passing wind regularly.


Den lives on the rice paddy. His electricity comes from the solar panels donated by the King. He produces his own food. His only sources of entertainment are a radio and a bottle of lao khao. The Thai version of Omar Khaiyam’s paradise or the hippie’s rural existence.

“A bottle of wine beneath the bough with you beside me.”

Bangkokians want more than the simple ways from life.

Shopping malls, fashion, fancy foods?

Yes, but mostly they want peace.

And quiet.

Not much available in a city divided by politics.

Not like old Den in the rice fields.

“What me worry?”

Thousand of city residents are in pattaya this weekend for the long holiday and they drive like snakes with their tails on fire. Stress levels of 11.


I wouldn’t bet on it.

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