CCTV 360 In Bangkok

Civic ambition combined with corporate greed sometimes create mega-projects boogling the minds of common man.

No more so as when the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) agreed to install closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in a major shopping hub for the supposed public safety.

Against shoplifters?


No, even worse. Shoplifting terrorists.

The Bangkok governor signed with the Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association to spend over Bt20 million for CCTV camera installation sweeping over one million square kilometers. The system will be linked with the Metropolitan Police Bureau to assist their policing of the area during the off-hours to avert any attacks on the deserted streets by southern insurgents.

Ambition and greed failed to take several factors into consideration which might hinder their plans.

Firstly Thai Visa bloggers pointed out that one million square kilometers covers twice the actual size of Thailand. A scheme that ambitous would cost more than 20 million baht.

Secondly if you are planning to watch people then you have to hire people who like watching people. Voyeurs and not the Bangkok police are more prone to solving crimes by consulting the stars than actually grilling a suspect in a dark cell. Thousands of cameras for tens of eyes and one brain. A new god of surveillance. I see all and see nothing at the same time.

Lastly reactionaries say that this CCTV system would stop terrorists, however the intelligence agencies saw videos of Timothy McVeigh ordering a happy meal at McDonalds, the 9/11 squads passing through the airport screening, and the London bombers setting out from Luton.

And what did the cameras do?


Neither did DIE HARD hero Bruce Willis or 007, because like the CCTV they are creatures of myth and not reality.

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