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Booze Ban Thailand Redux June 2007

The Thailiban is getting ready to enforce new alcohol restrictions on the Land of Smiles. Liquor ads will be banned and the sale of booze within 500 meters of a school or temple will be prohibited by the law. The health minister claimed this new policy will solve the nation’s excessive drinking problems, however hotel and retaurant […]

Check Bin Ka

Fabo and I were sitting in the garden of the Welkome Inn. He was drinking Heineken and I was supping a cold San Miquel Lite. Unexpectedly two unordered bottles arrived at the table. The waitress explained that a girl had received ten million Zaire Francs from a customer and rung the bell for the entire bar. […]

Thai Visa Rate Increase

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” JFK. One thing the military junta discovered upon overthrowing the previous government was that the treasury had been plundered to finance the ex-PM’s popularity. To refill the nation’s coffers without alerting the international financial markets that revenue pirates have […]

Paris Hilton finds God

The world’s most famous prisoner was freed from LA Jail. A gauntlet of paparazzi greeted the blonde heiress outside the gates. She smiled with the proper contrition and boarded her grandmother’s SUV with a gracious wave to the crowd. The Press followed the Caddy Escalade a la Princess Diana. No one died in the frenzy […]

The Unfriendly Skies of Thai Air

Back in the golden days of travel national airlines were a source of pride. British Airways, Air France, and Thai Air rendered inter-continental voyages almost tolerable with pleasant service and unlimited alcohol. High gas prices, an aging air fleet, and an even older flight crew have relegated these long-distance carriers to the status of Aeroflot just […]