Nigerian Thai Scam

Those pesky Nigerian scam artists are at it again.

Talk about industrious.

The latest email plea comes from a supposed Thai student without funds in Nigeria ie up a creek without a paddle.


Without further ado here it is.

Subject: Emergency
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007

How are you today? I went to Nigeria yesterday for a program called (Empowering students to handle conflicts and promote peace in West Africa).And I have gotten my self stranded here because my wallet is missing and my ATM card and other valuable things like my I.D card is missing along with the wallet.

I needed to pay for my hotel fee but do not have anything on me right now,please I want you to help and send about $3500 to help me pay some bills here and get my flight ticket back and I will return the money back as soon as I get to back to Thailand by Monday Morning.

Please I need to hear from you soon so that I will send you the information you will be sending the money to me through MoneyGram, but the problem is that I have gone to the MoneyGram outlet here where I was told that I can’t used my international passport to get the money pick up because is one of their rules here so I decided to use a good friend of mine here who is a professor of the university of Lagos here by the name Prof Mustafa Farooq so please you will be sending the money to he information to help me get the money picked up in MoneyGram here.

Please be rest assured that I will pay back as soon as I arrive New Thailand by Monday Morning and please understand that your help is much needed right now because am very stranded now.

Waiting to hear from you.

Thanks for the effort

[Name withheld]

Subject: Re: Emergency
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007
Let me know how to help.
Terry Subject: Emergency
Date: Fri Jun 29 10:30:25 2007
Thanks for the care and concern, Please you can send the money through Prof Mustafa’s information below
Name: Mustafa Farooq
Address: 25 King Ade Street
Please used the text Question and Answer below
Text Question: Who is the Receiver?
Text Answer: Prof Mustafa
Please it will be proper you scan and send me the MoneyGram Transfer Receipt used in sending the money as to take it along when going to pick up the money, Please note the hotel management is making me uncomfortable because i have not paid my hotel bills, Please make sure the money is been sent today and i promise to return as soon as return to Thailand.
Waiting to hear from you.
Take care,
Thanks for the effort
[Name withheld]

I’m ready to send him $3500 aren’t you?

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