Youtubes Ban Announcement

The Thai IT Minister is thinking about asking the ruling council to rescind its ban on Youtubes. The popular website’s exile arose from violating the nation’s lese majeste laws. Order #5 also x-ed over 200 political websites and pornographic sites, earning Thailand a listing on the international list of media pariahs.

Big Brother knows best. XXX is bad. Gambling is bad. Drugs are bad. Mia nois are good. The stock market is good. Cigarettes are legal.

Now that the election is approaching, although no one knows when, except for soothsayers and minsters of elections, the junta feels confident that the people can handle free speech again without falling prey to misleading information.

Youtubes has promised to delete any videos offensive to the Thai people and accordingly the government is ready to open the site to viewers this coming week.

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