Rivals to Sin City

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of living.” Sam Johnson

The same could be said for most big cities and by big cities I mean New York, Paris, Rio, and Bangkok, but certainly not LA.

Each has their attractions.

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Times Square, the Eiffel Tower, and Cocacabana Beach are all fine and good, however 42nd Street is a consurmeism cul-de-sac, the Eiffel Tower is a once in a lifetime visit, and Copacabana has girls, but also lots of sand and people and hot sun.

Bangkok offers a wickedness unrivalled by the pantheon of big cities.

This doesn’t stop other cities, towns, or even villages from staking claim to the title of Babylon.  

In order to ease the Olympic torch runner’s ascent to Everest Base Camp, the Chinese are paving over a dirt track across the Tibetan plateau. I had hitchhiked to Base camp in 1997. It was a rough affair of shacks overlooked by the Rongbuk monastery filled with mean-spirited monks. Not many climbers were there, since the road to Nepal had been swept away by a landslide. We had to bring in our own beer. Food was fried yak meat and noodles. I spent three days gasping for breath in the high altitude, then headed over to Kathmandu once the road had been cleared of debris.

Now a reporter writes that a slum of tents mark the end of the new road. Toothless Chinese prostitutes and flimsy bars entertain the unruly work crews. Frostbite of appendages doesn’t scare the road workers off from engaging in outdoor sex and STDs has been added to the caseload of Himalayan maladies. The writer claims this is the world’s highest Bangkok.

I’ve seen Chinese brothels in Lhasa.

Sad women fighting for their breath can go-go on steel pools at 15000 feet, although my last visit to Nana the girls seemed equally as listless, which the Old Roue accounted to low season.

The Sodom underneath Everest is only a small set of shacks.

Riga is a city of nearly a million.

Nightclubs, go-go bars, and massage parlors have earned the Latvian capitol the dubious title of Baltic Bangkok. Bachelor parties from West Europe fly to Riga on Ryanair for a man’s weekend. Beers is plentiful and girls are liberated from the usual morality about selling sex.

Is it a paradise? 

Certainly many women are coerced into the business by Russian Mafia types. The male visitors aren’t interested in longtime commitments. Not like the idiots in Bangkok.

How do you say, “Love you long time.” in Latvian?

I don’t know and I’m not going to find out, because I’m not leaving the true Last Babylon.


So wicked they had to put two AAs and TTs on its name.

And I’m not scared of turning into a pillar of salt either.

At least not until the Second Coming and then it will be too late for the wicked to pray for salvation.

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