Windfall Blowback.

Thaksin’s children were praised by their father for their part in the Shin Corp sale to Singapore. They had purchased 329.2 million shares from Ample Rich Investments in January 2006 at 1 baht each. Thanks to the business acumen inherited from their great-grandfather, the children increased the stock’s value beyond anyone’s expectations and sold the company to Singapore’s Temasek Holdings for Bt49.25 per share.

A profit of Bt48.25 a share.


A-no?o mo?ht-naa or congratulations seemed fitting, however this sale came under closer scrutiny of the new ruling clique who claimed that the children should have paid taxes.

Bt5.69 billion worth which they refused to pay and now the bill plus fines comes to Bt11.64 billion.

Not enough to buy a Premiership football team, but a lot of money.

$300,000,000 approximately.

A thousand Ferraris.

That’s gotta hurt and will soon since the two have 30 days to pay or face confiscation of assets.

Junior Thaksin had to be on the phone.

“Dad, what do we do?”

“What you mean we?”

Schooling tough for the privileged, especially when the lesson comes from your father.
Good-bye Ferrari. hello Honda Wave.

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