Monthly Archives: April 2007

Bus – Sihanoukville – Phnom Penh

Nick and I woke in the Angkor Arm to the sound of cars revving their engines. Holiday-makers from the Chinese hostel were testing their engines like the drive to the capitol was the Indy 500. We were also heading north. By bus. Not a mini-bus packed with 300 passengers. Am I cheap?

Zig Zag Bar – Sihanoukville

Boris Yeltsin – RIP

In the 1980s I had occasion to visit East Germany. The frontline of Reagan’s Evil Empire. I drove my orange VW Beetle into East Berlin. No traffic other than rickety Trabants. I parked before the old Reichstag. No parking meters. I bought everyone in the Karl Marx Communal Bar a round. The bill came to 5DMs. The […]

10 Most beautiful Women – World 2007

You know you’ve been out of the USA too long when People Magazine publishes a list of the 50 Most beautiful women and you can only visualize one. And Angeline Jolie is probably the oldest one in the Top 10. 1. Jessica Alba (actress) 2. Keeley Hazell (model) 3. Eva Longoria (actress – pictured) 4. Adriana […]

Rich Little Ha Ha George Bush Jr. Huh-Huh

Last year Stephen Colbert lampooned GWII at the National Correspondents’ Dinner. The reporters stifled their laughter as they had suppressed any questions about the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. This year they got Rich Little and his impersonations of six presidents. The dumb have got dumber and accept this pabulum in fear of the White […]