Pantip Plaza Raid / Bangkok / 1 DVD seized

Panthip Plaza is an amazing bazaar for IT merchandise. Six stories packed with computers, software, and cameras catering to the free market forces of pseudo-intellectual commerce. Some of it legit. some of it pirated, especially the DVDs and most recently the Deputy Prime Minister sponsored a raid to suppress vice and intellectual property crimes.


With complete secrecy the police sent undercover officers to purchase porno films from vendors and the scores of cops succeeded in capturing 1 pornographic VCD, 30 MP3 discs, and 2 bags of marijuana.

Total street value = roughly 4000 baht.

The deputy PM’s subsequent visit to Patpong found no wrong-doing.

His seeing-eye dog was welcome everywhere.

Then again the DPM is most honorable and his eyes are reserved for more beautiful vistas.

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