Iggy 60

Unbelievably Iggy aka Jim Osterberg attained 60.


The rock icon celebrated his entry into senior citizenship by diving off the stage at some stupid venue in America. What’s amazing is that all the news agencies are covering this event with the same bio, as if they were disappointed he hadn’t topped himself, but Iggy was stronger than the drugs and stronger than the bullshit.


No contest.

Iggy was no sell-out.

No commercial value. No sell-out. Only because he was a danger to himself and anyone close to him. And that’s acceptable in Heavy metal, but not PunK or Garage.

I only saw Iggy once. At my college beer hall. 1971.

Thought he was a maniac. Realized Iggy offered more than MOR after hearing RAW POWER.

Must have CD.

When I was in Sihanoukville, the manager of the Zig Zag Bar played Iggy and so did the two rolands at the Angkor Arms.

“Call me danger little stranger.”

For a greater insight into Iggy and the Stooges read Legs McNeil’s PLEASE KILL ME

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