GOP Weather Genius

Richie Boy and his wife are up north in Vermont. He reported blizzard-like conditions mirroring the predictions of meteorologists across the Northeast. The region will be hit Thursday and Friday by a frigid hurricane sweeping moisture off the Atlantic. I warned Richie Boy to clear the roof of his trailer and get fire wood in the house. A skier he understood the possible severity of the upcoming storm unlike GOP Senator James Inhofe who has been labeled Planet Enemy # 7 by Rolling Stone. The Oklahoman begged to differ.

“I should have been number one, not number 7. I am serious about that. I have spent now literally years on this thing, and it has been a long involved thing.”

During Washington’s Snowageddeon the senator had his grandchildren create an igloo for Global Warming spokesperson Al Gore. He also suggested criminal investigation into the possibility of faked research into the effects of climate change. His well-wishers around the world support this proposal. None of them live on the coast. The senator hails from Tulsa. Nice town. I drank there with the Spear sisters in 1973 and 1974. Bring your own bottle. At 700 feet above sea level it should survive the planetary alignment of 12-21-2012. Watch out Manhattan. god’s wrath is after you sinners. I’m on Fort Greene. It’s the highest point in this part of Brooklyn.

I will survive.

ps Senator Inhofe earns a B.A. degree from the University of Tulsa in 1973, at the age of 38. I graduated a year later from Boston College with the same degree. so I can be a climate change expert too.

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